I am a Certified Personal Empowerment Coach and Trauma Recovery Specialist who focuses on re-wiring the brain from both a biological and spiritual approach.

I am also the Author of: QUIETING THE CLOCK

I have several publications regarding my life being born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). I am an Advocate of 14 years for the CHD Community where I have spoken at many events, seminars and conferences. I have taught countless children, teens, adults, families, doctors and nurses to understand the harsh reality of CHD.

From my first breath, my brain went into survival mode from the trauma of being born terminally ill. And after three major heart surgeries, before the age of four years old, the remainder of my childhood consisted of repeated sexual, physical and mental abuse. I then spent all of my twenties soul searching, healing, and becoming the woman I never thought I could be today: an Author, Coach, Advocate, Speaker, Mentor, Wife, and Fur Mama of three, with amazing friendships, I call family. I truly enjoy making my time count in life and using it to change lives the way so many did for me!

I was born with a natural gift of feeling what people are going through, empathizing with their struggles, bringing the darkest parts of people to light, by using the extensive, versatile toolbox I have accumulated to help get you through anything, by re-wiring my own brain. I would consider myself an expert on healing trauma, having been through a large variation of traumas myself, from birth, and never taking the “traditional route.” When I discovered neuroplasticity, I could finally put a single term to what I'd already been doing. Yet after digging deeper into neuroscience and becoming what some may call obsessed with the brain, I was on a mission to undo all that had ever been done to me. It took a total of 15 years of re-wiring my own brain using various resources to now be able to teach it and coach you  through a series of individual sessions, a small package, or the Trauma Recovery Package. As a result of my unorthodox journey, I bring a unique perspective of healing and guidance to the table with a strength and wisdom for a mid-thirties woman that is extraordinarily sparce.

I was born with a natural gift of empathizing with others and bringing the darkest parts of people to light. From very young, I have asked Why, to everything...always inquisitive and seeking the root to all information given to me. One tool I use is my innate passion to take apart and categorize what programs each individual mind and place it into different “boxes.” Then, we make sense of it together by doing many steps I have been taught to apply, and then put you back together - but this time, how you choose. Now, I help heal and coach my clients by using the extensive, versatile toolbox I have worked very hard to accumulate.  

One of my strongest characteristics is my versatility in working with people from all walks of life and understanding the endless transitions and hardships we all experience in varying degrees. I will help you take control of the life, the situation, or the person that may be in control of you. And I will challenge you…when I see you are ready!

What is an Empowerment Coach?

Empowerment Coaching is a unique process, exclusive to the S.W.A.T. Institute, that trains coaches to shift their clients to a higher level of consciousness using a series of tools, exercises and steps. With these tools, exercises, and steps: I will empower you to awaken the stuck, confused, overwhelmed, or numb feelings that happen throughout lifeI will guide you in taking control of your own mind, your own life, and teach you how to get out of living in survival mode or apathetically just getting through life mode. I will show you how to gain new perspective, become energetically charged, and become more emotionally alive. 

The Trauma Recovery Package: 12 Week Program

One of my focuses and specialties is using various forms of neuroplasticity to get you into the recovery phase of your trauma-which consists of three phases. You will be assigned homework and follow-up tasks in between sessions and required to put in daily effort if you are truly interested in changing your life.  Some days you will be able to do one small task on your list, some days you will be able to do a big task or multiple small ones. Once you are ready, we move into the tailor designed Trauma Recovery Package (TRP) phase specific to you and your trauma. The goal of TRPP is to get you to be on your own, but of course you are always welcome back for discounted refresher sessions!

Be ready to dig deep, be open, and exercise the desire to fight for your own life. My ability to laser-focus on each client is a unique gift, guaranteeing that every single call with me, you will hang up with an expanded mind, tools for your healing toolbox, and resources and homework to keep you busy until your next call.

If you don’t know what you want guidance with, but you know it’s something because you are feeling lost, stuck, or unhappy in certain areas of your life - don’t try to figure it out, we will figure it out together. I look forward to working with you!

Stephanie Romer

How do I know if you are the right coach for me?
You don't! This is what our discovery call is for!
you get a 20 minute free consult to ask anything you'd like. if we are a good fit and You feel I can guide you, we book our first session-all first sessions are only $65.00. 
Individual sessions after that are $75 per session or check out the packages to save some money!
what issues do you help with?
i guide you into helping yourself. i teach  you how to be your own coach, your own best friend, and take control of your own mind.
here are some of the level 1 issues I cover:
new direction or transistion in life
need clarity
just need someone to talk to and hold me accountable
goal setting and accountabliity
first time mothers or parents
ceoS and new business owners
level 11
job, relationship issues, new home, break up
organizing your medical life: appointments, resources, etc.
starting a new life
weight loss
nutrtion plan
natural medicine
spiritual guidance, transformation
(make a note about spirutality and god and religion?)
level 111
severe traumas & ptsd
recommended to have a therapist you see and if its right for you, to have a medication that works for you while you are hiking up the steepet mountains -- you will need special shoes for this phase or level or layer of your life and that is a medication or health plan or nutrition to provde the best nutrients for your brain aka mental health
medical diagonsis or congenital health issue
terminal or chronic illness of self or family
death of loved one: pets and humans
remember: one rock at a time
abuse by power figure: church, boss, etc
natural disaster victim
abuse victim
out of prison or rehab and need guidance
addicts or family of addicts