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Trauma Specialist: Focus on rewiring the brain through various approaches discussed during coaching. We decide the right "path" for you! 

The body remembers/stores/knows what the brain can't handle -- best quote ever that changed my life and cataputled me into wanting to get IN to my body to access the memories my brain cannot access without body work. This is the beginning of healing trauma. 

Recommend strongly - therapy and support groups during trauma coaching

Are you still around the person or people who abused you?

As an Empoweremnt Coach and Abuse Survivor I know all too well what this is like and have developed my own process on how to get through life when staying present in the abusers life due to numerous circumstances. 

Have you been told by sexual abuse counselors, books, videos and support groups to LEAVE and go NO CONTACT but it just doesn't feel right to you or you have family or close friends that make it impossible to not be around the abuser?

I will walk you through a series of steps that will make you stronger than you could've ever imagined. 

How I got interested in Neuroplasticity?

Through my own trauma healing journey I spent 15 years re-wiring my own brain through various sources I can now teach and refer out to you. After 15 years of re-wiring my own brain with a team of therapists, neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, and neurologists due to my own personal brain damage from multiple, repeated, long-term early childhood traumas - I am now a Certified Empowerment Coach and Author

I don't just believe in re-wiring the brain and have an interest in it...I live it. I went through the countless steps to reverse trauma-remove neurons that were stuck like concrete that always had me coming back for more abuse, the search for just one career, unhappy friendships, unbalanced lifestyle, bad habits - partying, bad foods,

I strongly encourage you to read my book Quieting The Clock to walk you through pieces of my early childhood to understand my own personal traumas. 

I truly believe there is no better coach or therapist, or doctor than one who has been through the very topics they now want to lift others out of! 

I was a girl who always took the long way around - I'd rather spend 15 years on the right type of therapy, get to the root of my trauma and heal it even if it takes 15 years, than one who says owell this was the cards I was dealt...then repeat the cycle of abuse, addiction, and other negative behavior patterns. 

At 19 years old I "came out" to my family that I had been sexually, verbally, and severely mentally abused and brainwashed my entire life by a boy five years older than me. That put me on a journey of building my SURVIVOR SKILLS ... How can I look back one day and say "I did it. I got the torture he instilled in me, OUT...for good" or How can I get myself to a point of even just simply SAYING "I was sexually abused. I am a sexual abuse survivor. I was born with a terminal illness. I am a chronic illness survivor. I am a medical miracle." How can I get myself to say, "I am sober. I no longer need drugs or alcohol to cope." And most of all HOW in the world can I get myself to a place of being able to say "I am healed! I love who I am! I am abundant in health, love, happiness, and success because I FINALLY know I am worthy of all of these things and more!" 

I have been to the depths of depression, suicide, anxiety, in and out of drug addiction and an eating disorder, and overall addiction to abusing myself in various ways and therefore dating abusive men and having unhealthy friendships. I have been through many struggles, but I have never stopped being relentlessy hell bent on "GETTING THIS OUT OF ME" because I knew my TRAUMA was not ME ... I just wasn't able to separate the two for 15 years. 

After being repeatedly diagnosed with severe PTSD, yet never feeling like I was getting the right help by going to therapy and "just talking." Although, "just talking" along with many inpatient and outpatient programs, support groups and different forms of therapy is what helped me get to as healthy as I was mentally at 28..I just still wasn't where I needed to be. The flashbacks had lessend but the PTSD was ruining my life and making it impossible for me to have healthy relationships. I thought, there has to be more to healing from this amount of trauma! I thought. I began researching rewiring my own brain and started the work at 26 years old while still living in Los Angeles. However, at 28 years old a PTSD epiosode so bad forced me to face that I was not "healed" like I had thought and I still have a lot of work to do...and I needed to start by stop getting high and numbing myself.


When I moved to Florida, I was on a mission to find SOMEONE who could help me truly heal ...and deal with the latest health news which was I was now potentially facing another open heart surgery, and 2 doctors even recommended a heart transplant. At 28 years old I was facing death yet again, yet also still on a mission to completely heal from the eleven years of mental torture, verbal, sexual and phsyical abuse in my childhood. 


I finally began to see a Neuropsyhcologist who could help me get to the depths of how to rewire my own brain -- which is what I'd been doing for years at this point, but needed help. After a 12 hour day of Neuro Tests, I was offically diagnosed with Complex PTSD ...and then she added ... of a War Veteran and a kidnapped child," due to being a prisoner in my own home to "the boy." 

After that diagnosis we had one, sometimes two sessions a week if I was having a really hard time. However, once every two weeks we began the latest version of EMDR, called Accelerated Resolution Therapy invented by the genius and healer that changed my life: Laney Rosenzweig, MS LMFT.

Somehow, yet again, God, The Universe or whatever is out there - put me in the best hands to truly, once in for all, heal me. My Neuropsychologist was still being mentored specifically by Lany herself, and she even shared my story with her and got help from her of the best ways to heal me. I did 3.5 years of Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Two years with the Neuropsychoolgist and 1.5 years with another certified ART Therapist.

Those 3.5 years were hands down the hardest healing work I have ever done. In addition to the ART therapy I was also attending weekly regular CBT talk therapy, a weekly DBT class, a weekly support group for depression and abuse, going to two churches, because I like both Christian Churches and the Metaphysical Churches, as the combination of those together is what makes me feel the most like me and the most balanced. Within both of those churches I was attending bible study women's groups and meditation classes and spiritual healing groups for women.

In addition to that I was doing daily homework assignments and beginning couples counseling with my now, Fiance. 

With the combination of all of THAT....Here I am. I wanted to take my personal journey a bit further by writing my first two books - Memoirs. One, out now called: Quieting The Clock. And the sequal to that is coming next year!

As if all of that weren't enough, I wanted to take my journey even becoming a Coach.I always knew I wanted to help people change their lives the way all of the therapists and coaches I had worked with changed mine. I signed up for a Life Coaching Program and once I got more than half way through I got very sick and was not able to complete the Certification. My career was on hold, but I did still take clients when I could. After another heart surgery in 2018, and a very long recovery, I wanted to get back into a deeper level of coaching, as I felt I'd already had the skills for basic coaching. So, I began to search and found the SWAT Institute for Women. After doing some research, I began my Empowerment Coaching Certification in 2019 and am NOW an official Empowerment Coach! 

Something that I am passionate about is not allowing the lack of insurance or money get in the way of your healing and recovery, while also making sure it is a fair amount for the work that we will do together! I ran into many resources throughout the years that I could either not afford or did not take my insurance, which always took me to the next place or person who would change my life in a way I'd never expected right when I was feeling like the entire world was crashing down on me with no one to help me. This is why I do have a very affordable package for those of you who are interested in having someone to talk to, hold you accountable for your Coaching Assignments and ongoing life changes, guide you through transistions, feeling scatter brained, unorganized, too many or not enough decisions, etc... and this is the perfect package to "get your feet wet" We will have a 15 minute Free Consult before our first appointment!

With all of my experience in the mental health and western medicine world as both a patient and professional, I couldn't believe I'd found a Coaching Program that was so fitting to all of the work I'd spent 15 years doing - and took it to another level.


This is why my coaching style is so unique - I have created my own program by combining the 15 years of trauma work I have done with the amazing, life changing skills I have learned at SWAT. 

Don't hesitate - book your 15 or 30 minute FREE Consult Now and choose the best Intro Package for you! 

This is not just a coaching school! The curriculum and depth of the internal work I first had to do in order to be able to prove I can teach it to Empower others to be their best selves, was like putting all of the programs and forms of therapy I have been through into ONE. Again, God brought me to the best of the best to guide me in my career as a Coach.

Don't let that scare you  -- this is not therapy -- this is, in my opinion, much better, faster (if you do the work), and is a 100% guarantee that you will leave your Coaching Calls with me resonating in a higher level of consiounsess than before we met. 

Click here to check out my life changing affordable packages! You get out what you put in. My ideal Client is someone who is hungry for change, knows they are stuck and needs someone with the skills and experience to lift them out of where they are, and each call we will have you resonating at a higher level of consiounsess. 

Dr. Hawkins The Map Of Consiounsness, Power vs Force , is one of many life changing books that was part of the curriculum with SWAT. 



had been doing some general Life coaching part-time to patients and parents with chronic illnesses or sick children, relationship struggles, and feeling 


 I can honestly say now that being "healed" was my goal for so many years. However, what I have come to learn