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William Shore
Jul 01, 2017
In CHD Around The World
So for starters I don't actually live in Manchester. I live in a tiny town called Penrith in Cumbria. Only moved 6 months ago from Macclesfield,Cheshire. But I get to keep my team in Manchester who ive gotten to know quite well. The NHS are usually a great bunch of people, as the national health service is that, something that pays all our medical bills (apart from prescriptions for medicines n stuff) So who knows how much all this care, operations, whatever has cost. But it must be in the thousands maybe hundreds of thousands. The NHS take really good care of us, well they do unless the useless government we have cut their budget. Guess what its happened its 2017 and some crazy folk voted for BREXIT, yep they voted to leave the EU and didnt care about what the Government would do to retaliate. These last few months have been interesting, well not a good kind of interesting but an annoyingly stupid kind. Basically the NHS cuts in the North West region meant that our Drs werent sure what they'd be able to do future wise. So the surgeon guy went to London. Everyones looked after in London right ? Its the capital. My cardiologist guy went home to Canada (he was only here for a few years) , the one before that he emigrated to USA. the one before that well he just stayed in the hospital but moved me to a bigger one. and the one before that well she emigrated home to Sweden. Its like everyones leaving me haha Now I play another waiting game to see if I get to stay at Manchester, or if Im moved to another hospital for my routine checkups or any surgery I might need to have Sorry its rather long, but thats my interpretation of the NHS over here in England.

William Shore

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